Moreira Chonguica | Moreira Chonguica - Live At Polana Serena Hotel (2015)
I am blessed to play with some outstanding musicians who always bring their A+ game to my concerts. This opportunity arose to record me and my band The Moreira Project at the 5 star Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique at Morejazz 4 in 2014
Moreira Chonguica, African Jazz Saxophonist, Jazz, Saxophonist, The Moreira Project, music, musician, composer, producer, More Promotions, MoreJazz series
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Moreira Chonguica – Live At Polana Serena Hotel (2015)

1. Introduction
2. A Patria Amada (National Anthem of Mozambique)
3. Ngoma
4. Ancestrology
5. Street Kids
6. The Light
7. 360 (What Goes Around, Comes Around)