Moreira Chonguica | MP: Reloaded (2013)
This album is a selection of songs from The Moreira Project Vol 1: The Jouney and The Moreira Project Vol 2: Citizen of the World. It is a re-arrangement of songs with an infectious beat over familiar Moreira songs.
Moreira Chonguica, African Jazz Saxophonist, Jazz, Saxophonist, The Moreira Project, music, musician, composer, producer, More Promotions, MoreJazz series
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MP: Reloaded (2013)

1. Boarding Time
2. Relaxante
3. Otupam
4. The Art of Love
5. West South Side
6. 360 (what goes around, comes around)
7. Personality and Good Looks
8. Ashanti
9. Ashanti Part 2 Reloaded