Moreira Chonguica has always believed that for him to grow as a person and a musician it is essential to give back and he does that in abundance. He gives of his time, influence and status to highlight and bring awareness to the areas he is passionate about, namely education, youth development and cultural tourism. In order to maximise the potential his influence affords, he deliberately chooses to invest his time and skills into multiple areas dedicated to the upliftment in the these sectors.

This he does through the following organisations:

• Patron and founder of Morejazz Big Band, Maputo, Mozambique
• Patron of Escola Nacionale de Musica, Maputo, Mozambique
• Dikakapa Everyday Heroes, Cape Town, South Africa
• The African Voices Trust, Cape Town, South Africa

• Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique
• Institute of Arts and Culture, Maputo, Mozambique
• Music Exchange, Cape Town, South Africa
• South African Jazz Educators – Board Member