Moreira Chonguica | The Moreira Project: Vol 1 - The Journey (2006)
Moreira’s debut album, was received with overwhelming response from the industry as well as the media on both local and international levels. The album expresses not only his phenomenal song writing ability and energetic performances but also his major personal coup of securing the support and talent of international jazz legend – NAJEE on several tracks
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The Moreira Project: Vol 1 – The Journey (2006)

1. Intro: Sida Mata
2. 360º (What Goes Around Comes Around)
3. Africa And The Blues
4. The Light
5. Tacho Da Velha (Mama’s Cooking)
6. Mnganami
7. Ancestrology
8. Ancestrology Part II
9. Simples (Simplicity)
10. Personality and Good Looks
11. Mo’s Journey
12. Ngoma
13. Ngoma Part II
14. Just a Thought
15. Streetkids
16. Streetkids Part II
17. Undergraduate Standard
18. Bonus Track – Mnganami (Instrumental version)
19. Bonus Track 2 – Tacho Da Velha (Mama’s Cooking) Remix