Moreira Chonguica | The Moreira Project: Vol 2 - Citizen Of The World (2009)
A fresh and energetic African fusion of world class Jazz. The essence of the album is to acknowledge every aspect of life from those that live the jet set life with sleek expensive cars to the barefoot man that walks to work in an African storm – all of us are on the very same path yet with different forms of travelling.
Moreira Chonguica, African Jazz Saxophonist, Jazz, Saxophonist, The Moreira Project, music, musician, composer, producer, More Promotions, MoreJazz series
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The Moreira Project: Vol 2 – Citizen Of The World (2009)

1. Boarding Time
2. Umjita
3. West South Side
4. Beautiful Minds
5. The Art of Love
6. Synergy
7. Eyes Dont Lie
8. The Praise Poem
9. Blue Puzzle
10. Otupam
11. Relaxante
12. Now!
13. The Geisha
14. Sambabenta
15. Retrospect
16. Utopia
17. Ashanti
18. A Ultima Vez